Ctrl+D Toggles filter panel visibility.
Ctrl+G Toggles chart panel visibility.
Ctrl+X Export the items list to Excel.
Up arrow Moves up through the items list.
Down arrow Moves down through the items list.
Page Up Moves one page up through the items list.
Page Down Moves one page down through the items list.
Home Moves to the first page of the items list.
End Moves to the last page of the items list.
DSR (Demand/Supply Ratio)
The higher the value over time, the higher chance to see a price increase soon and vice versa.
Profit Avg (Average)
The mathematical average of profit values over time.
Profit/Buy/Sell MAD% (Median Absolute Deviation %)
Indicates how much profit/buy price/sell price varies in percentage respect to the reference (or median) value. The lower the value, the more stable profit/buy price/sell price and vice versa.
Ref (Reference)
It represents the middle value over a price series. Unlike the average, it is not influenced by spike values. It is useful to use this prices in order to achieve an higher success rate when buying or selling.
ROI (Return On Investment)
Percentage of gain relative to cost of investment.
Trade activity
Indicates how much an item is traded. It's the result of the analysis on how much and how often volume quantities change.
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